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Roof Repair and Replacement

Roof repair

Don't go at a roof repair alone!

Are you not sure if your roof needs to be completely replaced or if you just need a minor repair? By contacting the experienced roofing contractors at Sherriff-Goslin, you can be assured of a thorough roofing inspection to determine whether you home will need a roof repair or a full roof replacement. Below is more information regarding our repair and replacement services. Please review or call your local Sherriff-Goslin branch to schedule your appointment today.

Roof Repair

Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractors are your roof repair experts. Is your roof leaking? Are you missing shingles from a storm? The roofing contractors of Sherriff-Goslin can help with your roof repair needs. With over 100 years of roof repair experience and 20+ locations within Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, one of our trained roofing contractors can help to identify the problem and determine how best to repair it to get your roof looking as good as new. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection so we can help determine your best path for your roof repair.

Roof Replacement

Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractors are here to help you with all of your roof replacement needs. On top of being great for new construction, our patented Art-Loc® roofing shingles have a unique interlocking design which makes it ideal for roof replacements. Installing Art-Loc® shingles directly over your existing roof can help you avoid a messy roof tear-off while saving you time, money, and stress. StormMaster® Shake or Slate Shingles are great options if you're looking for re-roofing services. These roofing shingles can be applied right over the old shingles, making installation quick and clean. A roof replacement doesn’t have to be a pain. Contact the roofing contractors of Sherriff-Goslin and get your free roof estimate to determine what the next steps need to be for your roofing needs.

Roofing Services

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