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Sherriff-Goslin's Jackson Branch Customer Testimonials

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We have been satisfied customers since approximately 1945. Our first roof was put on that year...we had the opportunity of observing when it was replaced by the purchaser and noted that it was about 30 years. Our first roof here was in 1957 and replaced in 1989, a little disappointing but aware of the cause being the ice build-up we had a couple of years ago. The holes were due to our attempt to remove the ice. Thus, the need for replacement.

We always recommend your company when we know of someone needing a new roof...your men worked so quickly and everything was cleaned up afterwards. So thank you and continue to be the best as you have been in the past.

Christine B.

Your company re-roofed our home this summer, 2001. I just wanted to send a word with our payment about the professional, and prompt attention that Kevin Dial gave us. There are often complications in the roofing business, but at each turn Kevin was quite attentive to matters. We are quite satisfied. Our roof looks great, and we know the work of his crew including Shane Stump did very fine quality work. To those who provided this fine service we say, Thank You!

Michelle S.
PS. We will certainly recommend you at any opportunity!

Recently, I had the need to re-roof my 1900 vintage home. For several years, improvements had been going on throughout my home, always keeping the original character of the home in mind. When the need for a roof came up, I was told by a couple contractors that I would have to remove the old roof, including the cedar shingles. I was aware that your interlock shingles are manufactured specifically for going OVER cedar shingles, and that the design specifically enhances homes built in the early 1900's (or, newly built to look vintage). There was just no reason for me to pay someone to tear those shingles off, possibly even creating additional expenses along the way. What I needed was a good quality roof that enhanced the beauty of my home, so I contracted with Sherriff-Goslin to do my roof.

The next step was to get a permit. Again, I was told the cedar shingles had to come off. Because I believed so wholeheartedly in your product, and in the integrity of your store manager, I requested information on the interlock shingle to present to the Engineering Department so that I could satisfy all their concerns about my roofing job. We received very clear and specific data from your store manager, including photos. All the members of the Engineering Department here in Wyandotte were convinced that using your shingle over the existing cedar shingles was going to result in a beautiful, long lasting, quality, safe roof that would be an asset to our community. We were given the permit, even though it was a variance of the Boca Code. The roof was installed by very competent, caring workers who kept the mess to a minimum and finished the job in a timely manner.

I highly recommend your shingles for anyone who wants to top their home off with an outstanding roof that sets them apart from anyone else in the neighborhood!

Judy M.

I wanted to communicate with you how pleased I am regarding my decision to select the Sherriff-Goslin Company to complete my roofing project. In particular, Mr. Kevin Dial was very professional in his role of estimating, product selection, scheduling and supervising my project. His labor crew completed my project promptly and I am very happy with the overall appearance of my newly shingled roof.

Gregory W.

My roofing job is complete and I am very satisfied. It has been a pleasure working with Kevin Dial. He is a true professional and you should be proud of his ability to take care of his customers.

Eric D.

I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the new roof. You completed the work on time, within the budget and I really appreciate the job you did. Chuck and his associate did excellent work, even going above and beyond the call of duty by pulling a stump that had been in the way, preventing them from entering my yard; doing it for me at no extra charge. Employees that offer such great customer service with high quality work are difficult to find and I comment them on a job well done. Keep up the good work!

Phil H.


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