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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited WarrantyLimited Warranty:ATLAS ROOFING CORPORATION (“ATLAS”) warrants to you, the original owner of its shingle products, that this product is free from manufacturing defects, which result in leaks.

Limited Warranty PeriodYour ATLAS shingles qualify for a limited warranty (as listed in the chart below) when properly installed in accordance with the product’s application instructions (as provided on the product packaging).

Premium Protection Period: The limited warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy, and during the warranty period specified in the chart below, the maximum repair or replacement cost to ATLAS shall not exceed during the Premium Protection years, the replacement cost to the owner for the product plus replacement application cost (this limited warranty does not include costs for tear-off, dump fees, deck repairs, flashing, metal work, underlayment and material disposal fees or related work).

Prorated Limited Warranty Period:During the remaining warranty period (after the Premium Protection period), ATLAS will adjust valid claims (product materially affected by a manufacturing defect), by an amount determined by decreasing monthly the replacement cost of the product in proportion to the unexpired warranty period. To reflect the percent of use you have received from your shingles, the warranty calculation will be made by dividing the number of months that have elapsed since installation by the number of months in the warranty period.  In no event shall ATLAS’ liability extend to any cost for the tear off of the product or for the replacement installation cost of the new product during the prorated period.

Limitations and Restrictions for the Lifetime Limited Warranty:ATLAS will provide the homeowner who initially purchases StormMaster® Slate, StormMaster®
Shake, or Pinnacle® Shingles with a warranty that last the lifetime (lifetime meaning the lifetime of
the original property owner, not the roof, or the second owner, if coverage was properly transferred
during the first five years) of the homeowner’s possession, provided that proper product installation
in accordance with the instructions (as provided on the product packaging) is followed.
The lifetime coverage offered by this warranty automatically ceases/ends upon the sale of the
property or the death of the last of the homeowners who owned the home at the time of the
application, unless it is transferred as described below under Transferability.
The lifetime limited warranty option is only available for individual single family site-built detached

A 50 year limited warranty would apply to all property owned by government agencies,
corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, trust, religious organizations, schools, or
school districts, condominiums, or cooperative housing arrangements, or installed on apartment
buildings or any type of building or premises not used by individual homeowners for a single
family site-built detached residence.

For entire warranty details please download the Atlas Signature Select System Warranty Brochure.

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