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10 Year FREE SERVICE Guarantee

10 year free service guarantee

Our Guarantee

The Sherriff-Goslin 100% 10-year free services guarantee is short and simple: Art-Loc® and StormMaster® Shake and Slate shingle work carries a special Sherriff-Goslin labor and material GUARANTEE* against leaks with full service at no expense to the customer for ten years (five years on roll work) except for fire, algae, tornado, hail or impact of foreign objects, acts of nature, ice back-up or other circumstances beyond our control.

Our roofing work carries this special labor and materials guarantee against any leaks and defective material, with full service at no expense to the customer for 10 years on Art-Loc® roofing jobs, except for cases involving fire, cyclone, tornado, ice back-up or circumstances beyond our control.

Our guarantee is transferable and thus remains on your roofing job for 10 full years, regardless of ownership.

"I really believe this with our company, we do what others promise. No company says it will do lousy work; they all promise they're the best. And they all have their problem jobs, but if we have a problem, we make it right. We stand behind our work, and that's what makes us different."

– William Sherriff Ticknor, Chairman.

  • The Company Agrees to carry workmen's compensation insurance on all its workmen at all times.
  • The Company Agrees to do the work in a thorough and professional manner.
  • The Company Agrees to repair, free of charge, any defect due to poor workmanship, and to replace any defective material, and to replace any shingles that curl up during the guarantee period.
  • The Company Agrees that the guarantee period on all Art-Loc® shingle jobs, StormMaster® laminated shingle jobs, and siding jobs shall be ten years, and on other roofing jobs, five years.
William Sherriff Ticknor, Chairman and Robert C. Sherriff, President
Free Service Guarantee

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