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Fred Sherriff & B.G. GoslinChances Are Your Grandparents Had a Roof Installed By Us.
We began as a ‘one horse’ roofing company in 1906.  Three generations later, members of the Sherriff and Goslin families continue to honor the core values that formed the foundation of our company a century ago.  Honesty, integrity and friendly service have remained at the core of our business.

What is it that determines the fate of a business today if not Core Values?   At Sherriff-Goslin Company, we believe the secret to our success and our history that stretches for over 100 years, are the set of core values instilled by the original founders and pursued today by the company’s current officers and employees.

 “Our assurance of continued quality is guaranteed”.That phrase, so clearly stated by Fred Sherriff, President (at the time) and son of the original founder, has become our ‘mission statement’.  It is at the heart and soul of our ‘core values’.  

‘Our assurance’
…..denotes that we take a team approach to a customer’s concerns about quality.  The word ‘our’ implies that the assurance comes from everyone involved with the roofing project:  the President of the company, the Branch Manager, the Sales Representative, the Roofing Foreman and all of ‘our’ employees.

The phrase ‘continued quality’ indicates that we place a high value on the quality of products and work we perform but in addition to that we underscore our commitment to quality with service before, during and after the work is completed.  In every business transaction, quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.   

Finally, the word ‘guaranteed’ as it applies to our mission statement, is used to denote the ‘promise’ that we honor regarding this ‘assurance of continued quality’.  We believe that anyone can deliver quality in the short run. The question becomes, “how many can back it up with a ten year free service guarantee?”

Feel free to read some of the comments written by satisfied customers in our ‘testimonial’ sections or better yet listen to some of the comments made in ‘video testimonials’.  You will see and hear that the core values instilled 100 years ago thrive today.

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