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The Pinnacle® premium shingle is at the top of its class. It is a true laminated architectural shingle, featuring distinct shadow lines that provide the added dimension (multi-layered shingle) of a wood shake appearance. Full random cuts ensure that the appearance of undesirable patterns will not occur. Pinnacle® also offers an algae resistant feature to further increase the lasting beauty and elegance of your roof. A wide variety of shingle color options ensure a perfect complement to any color scheme. Pinnacle® promotes beauty, elegance, lasting performance and peace of mind with its transferable Lifetime Limited  warranty* that is unmatched in the industry.

Pinnacle® distinctive designer shingles will never be outshined. For homes that deserve the best... like yours.

Features & Benefits

  • Premium Quality – Lasting Performance
  • True Laminated Shingle – Distinct Shadow Lines Provide Wood Shake Appearance
  • Oversize Dimensions – Fewer Shingles Per Square Than Standard Size
  • Full Random Cuts – Prevents Undesirable Patterning
  • Modified Asphalt – Wind Sealant All Weather Application and Superior Wind Resistance
  • Algae Resistant Option – Helps Prohibit Algae Growth
  • Popular Color Selections – Match or Complement Any Color Schemes
  • 3M Ceramic Coated Granules
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