5 Reasons to Have Roofing Started This Spring

As the snow melts off your roof and warmer temperatures come our way, we at Sherriff-Goslin are getting ready to take our roofing your way with free roof inspections and estimates. Differences in temperature cause differences in the roofing process, so you want to make sure you get a head start before the heat of summer gets here. We’re here to help, though, and we are bringing you 5 reasons why you will want to get started on your roofing as soon as possible.

  1. Once temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees, Sherriff-Goslin’s high-quality shingles are flexible and easy to work with. They don’t crack or break like other brands so it’s easier for us to work with them in cooler temperatures.
  2. Unlike on hot summer days, the cooler temperatures of spring help keep shingle surfaces firmer, which leads to less indenting, thus keeping roofers’ boots from scuffing the new shingles. We want your roof to look the best it can, and springtime is when we can help the most.
  3. Doing your home’s roofing repairs earlier in the spring allows the approaching summer sun to aid the shingles in laying down smoothly and sealing properly with help from the added warmth. Not only do you get the job done and out of the way early, but it’s more efficient in the long run!
  4. If your roofing job requires removal of old shingles, we can get the work done before fragile flowers and landscaping below the roof edge become a concern. The torn off shingles are more visible and easier to clean up in the spring, so we can better keep track of them to make sure we do everything we can to protect your landscaping.
  5. We at Sherriff Goslin are anxious to help you with your roofing in the spring and we aren’t booked as far in advanced. If you want quality service from a commercial roofing team as soon as possible, then give us a call this spring.

Your roof protects your entire home and family, so why tempt fate by leaving the condition of your roof unknown? Request a free roof inspection and estimate today, or try on our shingles in your own color choices with our shingle visualizer.