Roof Of The Month: Paw Paw, MI

At Sherriff-Goslin, we love to give recognition when one of our branches completes an exceptional roofing project – which is why we inaugurated our Roof of the Month series.

Roof of the Month is designed to recognize our branches that contribute to the beautification of their communities through their exemplary work in roof installation.

This residential re-roofing project in downtown Paw Paw, MI stood out to us so much that we chose it as our first featured roof. The crew encountered a few challenges along the way, but the end result was remarkable, and we couldn’t be happier.

The Project

Justin Reynolds, manager of our Kalamazoo, MI branch, told us all about how his crew approached the job:

Early last December of 2015, we began the process of re-roofing this home in downtown Paw Paw, Michigan. The building’s current roof at the time was severely outdated and required a new roof. We knew immediately we would have our work cut out for us.

Rising To The Occasion

The height and angle of certain areas of the roof was definitely one of the most challenging parts of this project. Working on and around the tower portion was a tough process for our crew and a boom truck rental was required to ensure the safety of our crew. With the timing of this project being at the beginning of December, the weather proved to be another obstacle for our crewmen. Dropping temperatures can create a problematic environment for inexperienced workers and delay progress. Severely cold weather can also wreak havoc on tools and materials. We pride ourselves on our capability and knowledge to work in such conditions safely, effectively and efficiently.

The Design

What we love most about this job was how much it stands out without being overbearing. The shingles of choice for this project were StormMaster® Slate Blackstone shingles with Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge in Garnet Red by Atlas Roofing. The gorgeous Blackstone is tastefully highlighted by the deep red hip and ridge, creating a beautiful contrast and a unique touch of style. The homeowner was very pleased by the outcome of the two colors side by side.

The project required about 26 squares of shingles.

The Results

Even with the obstacles our crew encountered during this roofing project, the end results came out fantastic. The homeowner is thrilled with the coloring and design of the new roof and the home receives an immense amount of positive attention in the neighborhood. The home now has a sophisticated designer touch that stands out among the other homes.

How Sherriff-Goslin Can Help You

At Sherriff-Goslin, we are committed to providing excellent service. We are always ready to go above and beyond for our customers, even in the middle of winter and regardless of the height of the project. If you are looking for a roof shingle design that is one-of-a-kind and a roofing contractor you can trust to deliver results, contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection.