Storm Related Roof Damage and Insurance Claims

Spring storms have hit your area. This level of storm activity can cause damage to your roof that you might not be able to see form the street. If there is damage to your home, insurance policies require a fair adjustment of the loss, this can be a complicated and frustrating experience. Be patient, document the loss, take pictures, and do whatever you can to protect your home from further damages. It may take more than one inspection for claims to be paid.

Sherriff-Goslin has the expertise to inspect the damage, supply a comprehensive estimate, and work with your insurance adjuster. Recently, we were able to work with a homeowner’s insurance company and obtain a final settlement that repaired their home to a safe condition. It took 3 weeks, several phone calls, and persistence, but the homeowner got the settlement they needed.

If you have any questions regarding claims, supplements, or insurance coverage, contact Sherriff-Goslin so we can ensure you are getting the assistance you deserve on your claim!