When to Request a Free Roof Inspection In the Winter

While it’s usually better to request a free roof inspection before you’ve got snow build up on your roof, our roofing contractors are experienced in dealing with winter conditions as well. You may have moved to a new home, have storm damage, or simply been unaware of changes to your roof that are now causing concerns. Whatever the reason, homeowners should always call one of our professionals to make a safe on-roof inspection.

The power of winter storms. In a perfect world you would schedule an annual roof inspection in the spring or summer, but our inspectors can still spot common roof problems any time of the year. Winter storm damage puts added stressors of high winds, heavy snow, the effects of the freeze thaw cycle, sleet and hail – these can all cause unexpected roof damage. The winter months put your roof to the test, and we’re able to help you through any issues that come up year-round.

Roof inspection is not a good project for DIY. A professional roofing contractor should be the only one to perform an on-roof inspection – especially in the winter. Not only are they experienced in recognizing what to look for, but they are also trained and know how to safely walk on a roof in winter. They can maintain the safety to both you and any damage a homeowner might inadvertently cause to their roof.

Our qualified roofing contractors know how to inspect a roof under winter conditions. Our roofing inspections are free, and you’ll receive a complete report when they’re done. If you already have a leak, we’ll make a thorough inspection to see if the roof is leaking in multiple locations. The report will give you the information you need to guide you on a course of action that may include minor repairs, re-covering an existing roof or installing a completely new roof system. Stay safe, call one of our contractors today.