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Aug 28 14

Sherriff-Goslin’s Football Big 10 Predictions

by Sherriff-Goslin

imgresYes, it is that time of year again. As the leaves start to turn and Summer turns to Fall, it means it’s college football season and we get prepared for 14 weeks of gridiron action with our favorite colleges from the Big Ten. With Sherriff-Goslin having a great presence throughout Big Ten country, we offer up our 2014 Big Ten preview which we are sure will go haywire by week 3! With two new members joining the Big Ten this year to bring the number of teams up to 14, we will stick with our tradition of grouping the teams into into 3 categories; the Contenders, the Pretenders, and the Wait Until Basketball Seasoners. The contenders will consist of the schools that have a good chance to win the Big Ten and possibly contend for the first ever College Football Playoff and ultimately, a National Championship. The pretenders are the schools that if everything breaks right could sneak into the Big Ten title game and if everything breaks wrong could look forward to 2015 sooner than others, but will ultimately finish 7-6, 8-5, or 9-4 and go to one of the smaller bowls. The Wait Until Basketball Seasoners are the schools that well, are better suited for March Madness. So without further adieu, here we go……

The Wait Until Basketball Seasoners:

Purdue University - Yikes, we were way off last year on the Boilers! We predicted 5-7. Purdue collapsed to a 1-11 record. 1-11? Really, 1 win? Well, we aren’t making the same mistake this year. Your parting gifts are at the door. Get the basketballs ready. Prediction: 2-10

Rutgers University - 2014 marks Rutgers jump from the American Athletic Conference (Formerly the Big East) to the Big Ten. They went 6-7 last year in the AAC, losing their bowl game to Notre Dame. Well, they enter the Big Ten this year and were put in the east division, having to play Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin this year. Welcome to the Big Ten! Prediction: 3-9

Indiana University – IU surprised us last year as well as some of their opponents by going 5-7 and just missing out on a bowl game. Does back to back 5-7 seasons mean Indiana is ready to make the leap to a bowl berth? Sorry Hoosiers, not this year. The schedule isn’t as favorable as 2013. Prediction: 3-9

University of Maryland - Welcome to the Big Ten, Maryland. While going 7-6 and earning a bowl berth in their last season in the ACC, the schedule makers weren’t friendly to Maryland in their inaugural season. Also, playing in the eastern division is going to make life very difficult for the Terps. Prediction: 4-8

University of Minnesota - Yep, here was a prediction that was totally off in 2013. Minnesota definitely shocked some opponents in 2013, finishing 8-5 and earning a bowl berth. This year though, the schedule is harder and some of the opponents they beat last year are vastly improved. Sorry Gophers but no bowl for you this year. Prediction: 5-7

University of Illinois – Illinois did out-perform our prediction last year by going 4-8 against our prediction of 2-10. With the divisions in the Big Ten being realigned this year, Illinois finds themselves in the west which is the easier division. While we think a bowl game is out of the question, an improvement and another step in the right direction is there for the taking. Prediction: 5-7

Penn State - Due to NCAA sanctions, PSU is ineligible to participate in a bowl game for 2 more years. Simply due to that, they are in this group, though new Head Coach James Franklin inherited a nice team from Bill O’Brien and has the team heading in the right direction. Their record shouldn’t put them in this category, so play the spoiler again this year, keep building up the program, and get ready for 2016. Prediction: 8-4

The Pretenders:

Northwestern – Can someone please explain what happened to Northwestern last year? After a 10-3 season in 2012 and a hot start to 2013 that saw them start off 4-0, Northwestern lost 7 in a row to ultimately finish 5-7 and miss out on a bowl game. Coach Pat Fitzgerald has his hands full this year and a somewhat unfriendly schedule. While we see an improvement from 2013, contending for the Big Ten title is a stretch. Welcome back to bowl season this year Wildcats! Prediction: 7-6

University of Iowa - Ok, so we were way off on Iowa last year with our predictions. They rebounded nicely last year from their 4-8 record in 2012 to finish 8-5 and earn a bowl berth. Much like the other members of the western division, Iowa’s schedule is extremely user friendly and their non-conference schedule plays well for them too. Big Ten Title? Probably not but another winning season and a bowl berth is almost a certainty. Prediction: 8-5

Nebraska - We were very close to our prediction last year for Nebraska. We predicted 10-3 and they finished 9-4. Good for us but apparently bad for Head Coach Bo Pelini, who was almost fired for that performance. Nebraska has only two match ups against ranked opponents this year, which is a plus. The downside is they are both on the road against Wisconsin and Sparty. They also welcome the Miami Hurricanes to Lincoln this year in a match up full of nostalgia of National Championships past. Could be a slip up game for the Huskers. So we predict the same thing for Nebraska that we did in 2013. Bo Pelini improves upon his 9-4 season, but not much.  Prediction: 10-3

Michigan – If Brady Hoke has another season like he did last year, he might find a pink slip in his Christmas stocking. Thankfully, Michigan’s schedule is very very user-friendly this year and Michigan is bringing back a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. We don’t necessarily want to call this a rebuilding year for the Maze and Blue, but contending for a Big Ten Title this year in a division that also has Sparty and that team from Columbus might be a stretch. Bowl game? Definitely and also we see a rebound from 2013, which saves Brady his job. Prediction: 10-3

The Contenders:

Ohio State – If we had written this blog two weeks ago, we probably would have predicted Ohio State to make a run at an undefeated season, a Big Ten title, and ultimately a shot a the National Championship. But then Braxton Miller, Ohio State’s star quarterback, injured his shoulder in practice and was forced to have surgery, sidelining him for the entire 2014 season. Coach Urban Meyer is now forced to turn to redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett, who has never started or even played in a meaningful college football game. Now Ohio State does have talent on both sides of the ball but with the Big 10 divisions being realigned, they are now in the same division as Michigan State, another favorite and powerhouse in the conference. If everything goes right, Ohio State just might be able to pull off the upset and get to the Big Ten Championship and possibly the College Football Playoff. But we know that everything never goes right. They are still a contender, but they will need some help. More than likely, it will be a trip to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando January 1st.  Prediction: 12-2

Wisconsin - Last year saw Wisconsin go 9-4 where three of those loses to Arizona State, Ohio State, and Penn St, be for a combined 16 points! That is what separated Wisconsin from a 9-4 season and a possible Big Ten title. Well, with the divisions being realigned for the 2014 season, Wisconsin was put into the west division, which has a much easier path to the title game. Aside from a very tough opening game vs LSU, Wisconsin has a very friendly schedule, with only one other ranked opponent on it, and that is Nebraska at home. The path to a Big Ten Championship game is there for the taking. We think they get there! Prediction: 12-2

Michigan State - Sparty is back and Sparty is loaded! Coming off their best season ever that saw them upset Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl victory over Stanford, Michigan State is set up perfectly for a run at not only the Big Ten Title, but a spot in the College Football Playoff. It also helps when your biggest challenger within your conference loses their star QB for the year. Sparty, we see big things for you this year. Don’t let us down! Prediction: 13-1, Big Ten Champion, and a spot in the College Football Playoff

So there you go. There’s Sherriff-Goslin’s 2014 Big Ten preview and predictions. When week 4 rolls around and this prediction has completely blown up, please feel free point that out to us. Kickoff of the season is tomorrow with most of the Big Ten schools starting this Saturday. We couldn’t be more excited!

Aug 25 14

Safety On Site

by Sherriff-Goslin


When we are assigned a task or job, we normally go through the motions of completing the project. It is rare we spend time thinking about the potential opportunities for injury. It is in every worker’s best interests to get into the habit of creating a mental checklist before starting any project.

Today the contracting industry as a whole puts more thought into project safety. Most companies would rather invest the time and money to prevent accidents, than to risk worker well-being.

Lance Simons, Director of Corporate Safety for Haskell, noted safer workers produce higher quality jobs. “You need good people in place to produce good projects,” said Simons in a web article on

Safe work environments attract the best workers. No one wants to work in an environment where they feel unsafe.

There is also greater satisfaction delivered to clients when safety is a priority.

When a work-site accident occurs, bad news tends to travel quickly. Beyond the risk to workers, serous accidents on a project-site will almost assuredly cause a delay – putting both project timelines and budget at risk.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind before starting any job:

  1. Check the project site for any environmental instability. This could be soil contamination, water pollution, or harmful carcinogens.
  2. Create an evacuation plan. Just in case something goes wrong, there will be a way to quickly avoid danger and potentially more severe injury.
  3. Do weekly safety inspections. Check the building framing, placement of equipment, and miscellaneous materials lying around the project work area.
  4. Drug screen workers.
  5. Present a quick daily pre-work meeting allowing everyone on site the opportunity to bring up any concerns that need to be addressed.

Do not compromise when it comes to safety. Make sure to maintain an open presence for workers to bring concerns to the contractor and conduct frequent on-site safety and hazard checks.

Aug 5 14

Sherriff-Goslin—The Midwest’s roofer Of Choice For Over 100 Years

by Sherriff-Goslin

Sherriff-Goslin has offered top-quality products and services since 1910.

When Sherriff-Goslin first began, the company focused not only on local commercial roofing, but also manufacturing paint products as well.

When the big-dog paint companies refused to recognize Sherriff-Goslin as a true competitor in the paint industry, the company introduced the innovative and very successful interlocking, diamond-shaped, asphalt shingles for both commercial and residential roofing. Customers prefer the diamond-shaped shingles because these shingles are great for both first time use as well as re-roofing application.

Sherriff-Goslin’s top quality products have greatly contributed to their success over its 100 years of service. Sherriff-Goslin illustrates how important it is that customers are fully satisfied through the company’s mission statement: “Our assurance of continued quality is guaranteed.”

To Sherriff-Goslin, their mission statement is not just thrown together in a string of words used to sell to customers in the heat of a potential purchase, but carefully selected wording chosen to describe the long lasting worth of the each product that customer purchases.

“Our assurance” is the understanding that all parts of the company understand what the customer needs, especially when it comes to design and quality. From the branch manager, sales representative, roofing foreman, contractors, to the entry-level employee all the way up to the President of the company, Sherriff-Goslin ensures all entities of the company work towards what the customer is looking for.

“Continued quality” reflects high quality in both its products and the work performance of its contractors. If a customer is ever hesitant to trust the word of Sherriff-Goslin’s workers or products, the customer will always feel comforted by a guaranteed ten-year warranty.

“Guaranteed” is guaranteed. No underlying scam here! This is a promise to honor the quality of services provided, not only a few months after installation but continued quality even ten years after the shingles have been installed.

Honesty, integrity, and friendly services are core beliefs to the Sherriff-Goslin Company and why the company has lasted so long. 100+ years later, Sherriff-Goslin is still standing by their products and services with continued triumph, making customers smile one roof at a time.

Jul 24 14

Stay Alert To Avoid Roofing Scams

by Sherriff-Goslin

Stay Alert To Avoid Roofing ScamsIt’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Your roof is badly damaged in a storm, you pay thousands of dollars to have it fixed, and either it never happens or the work makes the problem worse. You are left in quite a bind, often with limited legal options.

These kinds of situations are important to avoid at all costs. If you think you might be the target of a roofing scam, here are a few warning signs to look for.

It seems too good to be true.

To quote the old cliché: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Extremely low prices and outlandish claims are always red flags. The Better Business Bureau of Northwest North Carolina recently issued a warning to avoid roofers who claim your insurance company has pre-approved them. No roofer is able to tell you whether or not your roof will be covered under your insurance policy, nor will they be able to access your policy information to become pre-approved without your prior knowledge. These and similar claims should always be viewed with suspicion.

They pressure you to make a decision right away.

What sounds good in the moment often starts to look questionable when you have time to think it over. High-pressure sales tactics indicate a lack of confidence on being able to sell you once you do some research. Any legitimate roofing company will be glad to show proof that they are insured and bonded, and will be able to point you to references. Never allow a roofer to force a decision.

They want full payment up front.

What incentive do they have to come back and finish the job? Never pay more than a reasonable deposit, and only after you have a contract with the roofing company specifying the work to be done.

No one deserves to fall victim to a roofing scam. Hopefully, with an idea of what to watch for, you can avoid these kind of tricks yourself. For any further questions, you can also call your local Sherriff-Goslin branch manager.

Jul 18 14

Proposed Ohio Licensing Law Benefits Homeowners and Roofers

by Sherriff-Goslin

Proposed Ohio Licensing Law Benefits Homeowners and RoofersOhio law currently does not require a license to practice roofing. While this makes it easy for under-qualified roofing companies to offer low-priced, often shoddy service to homeowners, it makes it hard for unscrupulous contractors to be tracked down and charged and hard to tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate roofers.

Senate Bill 351 Introduces New Ohio Licensing Law

However, Senator Tom Patton of Strongsville, Ohio recently introduced Senate Bill 351 to better hold roofing contractors accountable for the work that they do. The bill requires roofing companies that seek to work on commercial buildings to apply for and obtain a state roofing license. This bill currently would not cover roofers seeking to work on residential buildings, but Sen. Patton wants to see the law eventually expanded to cover all roofing.

Protecting Ohio Citizens From Fly-By-Night Contractors

Sen. Patton is especially concerned about “storm chasers”. These are contractors that show up in towns recently hit by storm damage. They then leave town before their work can be examined, leaving the consumer no recourse should the job turn out to be poorly done.

“By actually requiring them to get a license, at least we have an opportunity to contact them. We need to police this up a little bit. At the very minimum, we want to make sure they know there is someone watching over what they’re doing,” Patton said. “The people in Ohio are going to bring you back to fix it or refund their money.”

The Associated Builders and Contractors, Ohio’s Affiliated Construction Trades and the Ohio Roofing Contractors Association currently support the bill. And, here at Sherriff-Goslin, we always approve any measure that further protects the homeowner, and makes it easy to ascertain a qualified roofing company.

One last reminder: always make sure to ask for any contractor’s license, insurance information, and past references to make sure you are protected.