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Dec 22 14

Roofing Resolutions – Start your New Year off right!

by Sherriff-Goslin

Come the New Year, most people start making promises that tend to be forgotten a few months later. One promise that should never be broken is the promise to take care of your home and family. A secure and stable roof provides shelter from Mother Nature, privacy, comfort and a place to call your own. Make this year’s new year’s resolution to check your roof on a regular basis.Earthen_Tiles_Roofing_-_Howrah_2011-06-05_00344

Professional Inspection

Sherriff-Goslin offers roofing inspections for free without any commitment by the customer. Why do we do this for free? Not only does Sherriff-Goslin want to make sure you are safe, but we also keep our promise. Every company has problems that arise on the job, but the difference with us is we won’t call a job complete until we do the job right.

If your roof is over 10 years old or visibly showing some wear and tear, call for a roofing inspection and make sure the contractor examines specifically for: weathering and aging, routine maintenance damage, storm damage, leak assessment, proper drainage, vegetation damage, roof cleaning, security, warranty repairs, and any other needed improvements.


Clean Your Gutters

Thoroughly clean your gutters by pulling out any leaves, fallen debris, and other objects that have landed into drainage routes. Gutters that are not cleaned habitually provide greater chance for water and fascia damage due to the clogging of your gutter’s downspouts that can freeze trapped water.

Do this twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Also, check the weather for a clear day. It is much easier to clean gutters and pipes if the debris inside is dry.

Check your roof regularly

As stated, your roof takes care of you so take the time to show some TLC in return! Conducting a self-roofing inspection from the ground once a year will do the trick to keep your home secure and up-to-date. Keep an eye out for any cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing; shingles that are buckling, bending, curling or blistering to any degree, missing or broken roofing shingles, cracked and worn rubber boots around vents and pipes, masses of moss and lichen, black algae stains, and if your roofing service checks the chimney, have the company look for missing or damaged chimney caps.

Moving around on the roof can be dangerous so above all else, watch your footing! If you are not comfortable on the roof, or are unsure what to look for, call Sherriff-Goslin for a free roof inspection and consultation. Visit our website to find the closest branch location to you for help at

Dec 16 14

Differentiate Your Barn – Stand out with Sherriff-Goslin barn art

by Sherriff-Goslin

2014.08.31_MEDIUM (6)

For over 100 years, Sherriff-Goslin has been in the roofing business for not only residential and commercial constructions, but for barns as well. Why are we different? Because Sherriff-Goslin not only does roofing, but we do roofing that is aesthetically pleasing and suits each individual’s personality.

If you prefer an impartial look easily visible on a daily basis, Sherriff-Goslin uses our Art-Loc®, StormMaster® Slate, StormMaster® Shake, or Pinnacle roof shingles in various neutral colors with top of the line impact resistance. However, if you are looking for a barn that will get noticed, Sherriff-Goslin’s Art-Loc® shingles yield a unique interface of interlocking shingle design, making an ideal appeal for creating intricate roofing designs and patterns.

Wondering why you should make your roof stand out? How would this help my business?

Differentiation is a key determinant in customers noticing your barn. Businesses and individual barn owners have been using their barns for advertising since the 1920’s. Clark Byers painted over 900 barns during the time period of 1935 through 1969 with the wording “See Rock City” hoping people would travel to Lookout Mountain in Georgia.


Having your personal or business name will create an everlasting image in the mind of anyone that passes your barn. People will remember where your barn is, along with verbal copy or an image placed on the roof if your roofing design stands out. Think of your roofing art as branding your barn, and branding is important to any business, especially the smaller, start-up businesses.

2014.08.31_MEDIUM (13)

The influx of competitors, even in a smaller market, creates a flooding for competition in today’s world, making differentiation more important than ever! Build visual works that people will never forget and make hearing your barn’s name instantly create a location in someone’s mind.

No matter what you want on your barn, even if nothing at all, Sherriff-Goslin will make it happen. We will guarantee the finest roofing work that is just right for you. Our promise is backed by a transferable warranty and remains on your roofing job for 10 full years! Call today for a free consultation or visit our website at

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Dec 10 14

The Ultimate Tool Gift Guide

by Sherriff-Goslin

Tis’ the time to start thinking about what to get those special loved ones for the holiday season. Instead of buying gifts someone wants, try giving something someone needs. These perfect presents for someone in the construction field!

Giottos Rocket Blaster


This rubber rocket blasts the dust off of any surface or those hard to reach areas. At only $10, a gizmo like this is great to dust off your desk, photography gear, or other tools, and will stand up without any help!

Coghlan Scissors


The Swiss Army knife of scissors comes with a bottle opener, screwdriver, and scissors that can handle heavy-duty materials. Spending $8 on this will be all the worth it!

Photon Microlight II


$9 for a keychain and flashlight?! Yes please! Makes great for seeing poorly lit areas with LED lighting to lead the way. You can carry the micro-light in your pocket, place it on your keychain, or keep it in your car without feeling the extra weight of a usual flashlight.

Fantastic Ice Scraper


Some of us living in warmer areas will not recognize the value of this item, but for those of us that experience snow and sleet will know how important this gift can be! $4 for an on-the-go ice pic that can be used to clean off counter tops, stove surfaces, or any other area in need of a regular scrape.

Make going to work easier with new toys this holiday season. Any of these cool and unique construction tools will make anyone’s day a little lighter!

Dec 2 14

How To Hang Your Holiday Lights

by Sherriff-Goslin


It’s that time of year again! The weather chills, the in-laws arrive, food all around, and the house is lit up with illuminating lights. Before jumping on the ladder to hang your visionary holiday home, here are some simple tips and tricks to hanging lights safely and efficiently.

Map out your lighting route

Step back and evaluate your game plan. Some lights might look better in other places depending on the viewing angle. Select a focal point where the main lights should go and sort of shade outwards.

Consider the possibilities for danger

Conduct a visual inspection of your gutter for debris and your shingle flexibility to determine where best to hang your lights. Measure out your lights and where they will potentially be hung to ensure a perfect fit before going up and back down the ladder several times.

Top places to hang lights

  • Along the roofline
  • Inside planters
  • Along the window line
  • Around door frames
  • Near your driveway and walkways
  • Atop greenery and throughout trees
  • Around pillars and other architectural decor features

Test your lights

If there are any damaged or broken pieces in your chain of lights throw them out. This is dangerous causing outlets to short, let alone the potential for an electrical shock.

Attaching your lights

Use a light-hanging pole instead of a ladder when hanging your lights from trees and tall greenery. To attach your lights to shutters or shingles, use an all-purpose light clip. If you are hanging your lights from a pole, simply wrap the lights around and tape at the top in an invisible corner.

Don’t waste energy, or raise your electric bill

Set a timer for your lights to turn on and off automatically. Have the lights turn on around dusk and shut off before bedtime. Nobody wants to wake up at 3 a.m. to bright blue and green lights shining inside the window!

Enjoy yourself

Take your time and have fun. Invite the neighbors over to see your creation. Let the kids do the simple hanging and give mom some quiet time inside.

Decorating is like personal therapy for the holidays when adding instant festivity and charm to your home. Be careful and don’t rush. Brighten up your home this season! We will leave you with a bit of inspiration …






Nov 25 14

Healthy Desserts This Holiday Season

by Sherriff-Goslin

Every year we leave the holidays feeling bloated and regretful after eating the entire dessert table. This year, we knew we weren’t going to neglect the sweets, so we decided to make some better choices instead. After searching for the most mouthwatering, yet healthy desserts, these were the top finds we found worth sharing.

S’mores Pie


An easy make requiring no baking whatsoever! Gluten-free and high in protein for a satisfactory delight taking you back to campfire memories.

Monkey Bread


If you are Diabetic, this sugar-free, high fiber, high protein dessert has your name all over! Outside medical benefits, Monkey Bread is great for those who like to pick at their food. Great for ripping a piece apart, talking to guests, then going back for more!

Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie


Can’t go wrong with traditional desserts like this tasty treat. Not all great things come packed with sugar.

Low Fat Mocha Frappe


Starbucks isn’t the only one that can do it right. Make a dessert drink with only 2 grams of fat. Too good to be true? Not this time!

Yogurt Parfait


Berries, yogurt, and granola oh me oh my! Yogurt Parfait will make your taste buds tingle with every bite of this delicious delight. Great for a small snack or a dessert delight!

Let’s get through the main course and onto these healthy delectables already. Not a bad way to impress your guest either! Is it meal time yet? Happy Thanksgiving!