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Sep 23 14

Why Sales Representatives Are More Important Than The CEO

by Sherriff-Goslin

Don’t think sales representatives are important? Sales representatives are even more important than CEOs! Debatable? I think not.

The goal for every business is to provide a service and support the sales team. If a company is lacking in revenues that company will eventually go under. All areas of the business realm relate back to the sales force: Architecture is commissioned to present a house a home owner will want to buy, but only after that realtor has sold the person(s) on that home; a marketer’s job is to reduce the cost of selling, the manufacturer makes quality items people will want, and the engineer designs a product that the marketers will be able to sell.

Top management exists for client relations and maintains the company’s hierarchy infrastructure to prevent internal collapse.

“It amazes me that some people don’t understand this,” states Jeffrey James, writer at CBS News. “If sales don’t happen, you don’t have a business, you’ve got a hobby. The entire structure of capitalism is based upon the concept of money and goods changing hands, which is selling. It’s absolutely absurd to think otherwise.”

Your company is represented by the people that sell the company. A sales representative will excel in his or her job when they understand the image of the company as well as being knowledgeable of the products or services the company offers and the industry in which such is marketed. Sales representatives can also act as marketers if the sales representative acknowledges who responds positively to the sales pitch.



Sherriff-Goslin is now seeking one sales representative in Fort Wayne, Indiana and one sales representative in Indianapolis, Indiana!

If interested (Indianapolis location): Call Phil Dall @ (317) 546-8777 or email him at

If interested (Fort Wayne location): call Kyle Weber @ (260) 483-0213 or email him at

Sep 16 14

Answers To Your Roofing Questions

by Sherriff-Goslin

Q: I am often trying to get a quote from roofing contractors, as I am doing work in the insurance repair industry, and so many are often rude and refuse to give me any kind of price. Is there a science to ask this type of question?

A: Pricing is a dirty game as everyone wants your business. Call around getting quotes for various companies and go with the one in your price range with the highest quality reputation.

Q: A contractor noticed my ridge vent was barley nailed down and recommended I have it sealed. Is this necessary?

A: Most of the time, contractors are honest and looking out for you. In high winds, the ridge vent can be ripped off if not secure. Sealing the vent will also help prevent against water intrusion. Get this checked out annually before the rainy season begins!

Q: I am looking for a roofing contractor in my area. Where should I look?

A: Check out our branch locations all throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana! Follow this link for contractor listings:

Q: How long should an average roof last before I need repairs or replacements?

A: A roof, on average, lasts between 15 and 20 years depending on various factors. Factors such as slope of the roof, quality of materials used and the workmanship originally executed, ventilation of the attic/roof, and the living climate could shorten the durability on any roof.

imgresQ: I am starting to notice some black streaks on my roof and they are getting more apparent every week, especially since it has been raining a lot lately. What are they?

A: The black stains you are seeing are algae growth, usually mistaken for mildew or fungus. Once algae are evident, it will spread quickly. This is due to algae being airborne and carries from rooftop to rooftop infesting entire neighborhoods. Sherriff-Goslin’s Art-Loc ® shingles are superior for algae resistance.

Q: What causes a roof to wear overtime?

A: Just like anything else, time takes its toll. However, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can quicken the aging process as well as water and wind damage from storms and snow. Lighter colored shingles will last longer than darker colored shingles overtime.

Q: Can an existing roof be covered with a new layer?

A: There are building codes that restrict the number of layers allowed per roof. Sherriff-Goslin’s Art-Loc ® shingles is a great choice for this type of situation as there is a way around the codes sometimes. Another layer can be installed over the pre-existing roof layer for shingles types that lend themselves to roofing over another layer of shingles.

Sep 9 14

Fantasy Football Strikes Again

by Sherriff-Goslin

imagesThe football fantasy buzz is flying around again! Fantasy football is a virtual competition where people can build teams with their favorite players and pull in points based on how those selected players do in real life games. People are reviewing their player’s stats, smack-talking their friends, and making bets on who will win this season.

Who ever thought fantasy leagues could generate such revenues for businesses?

The New York Times reported that DraftKings has already raised $41 million in a new round of financing from firms like media group Raine Group, who are investing heavily this season. Why do people flock to this game, or profitable competition?

Forbes reported that the National Football League is a $9 billion industry and that the college football league ranks at $6 billion. Football all across the board draws attention, and fantasy football players have the opportunity to reap some of the benefits … well if there is a good fantasy team established that is. Even with a player’s negative publicity, the virtual league still thrives.


Here are some facts to not ignore when drafting this season thanks to ESPN:

1. Over the past two seasons, when Rob Gronkowski is off the field, Tom Brady’s completion percentage is 59, his yards per attempt is 6.8, and he has a 26-to-11 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

2. Over the past two years, when Rob Gronkowski has played, Tom Brady completes 65 percent of his passes and has 7.7 yards per attempt and a 33-to-8 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

3. Last year, Patriots wide receivers were tackled at the 1-yard line eight times.

4. That was three more times than any other team.

5. If you regress that to the league average (3.3), Tom Brady would have had four additional touchdown passes and would have finished as the eighth best fantasy QB.

6. Last year, only one quarterback had more drops from his pass-catchers than Tom Brady.

7. The quarterback who had more passes dropped than Tom Brady? Matthew Stafford. Detroit had 46 drops last season — 10 more than any other team.

8. Those 46 drops accounted for 7.5 percent of Detroit’s total targets, which is also highest in the NFL.

9. Last year, Golden Tate was targeted 94 times.

10. And had two drops. Two.

11. With Scott Linehan calling plays as his offensive coordinator from 2002 to 2004, no quarterback had more fantasy points than Daunte Culpepper’s 888.

12. With Scott Linehan calling plays as his offensive coordinator from 2011 to 2013, only four quarterbacks had more fantasy points than Matthew Stafford’s 863.

13. In 2014, Scott Linehan will call plays for Tony Romo, who is currently being drafted outside the top 10 at QB.

14. Matt Ryan was under pressure on 154 pass attempts last season.

15. That was the most in the NFL and 31 more than the next QB.

16. Prior to last season, Ryan had never attempted more than 94 passes under pressure.

17. This offseason, the Falcons drafted RT Jake Matthews in the first round, added Jon Asamoah from Kansas City, got Sam Baker back from injury and hired Mike Tice as the offensive line coach.

18. During the first five weeks of the past season (the only time Julio Jones and Roddy White were on the field together), Ryan was sixth among QBs in fantasy points.

19. On passes of 15 yards or more, when targeting Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was 23-of-41 (56.1 percent) and averaged 16.5 yards per attempt.

20. Kelvin Benjamin had eight touchdown receptions of 15 or more yards, which tied for the most of any player from an automatic qualifying conference.

Choose wisely this season, and don’t give in to a high buy in. Good luck!

Sep 2 14

Futuristic Housing For Everyone

by Sherriff-Goslin

8491312280_6fee937d98_zA lot of single families are looking to move into urban communities but the problem is that homes are not available in the good neighborhoods or they are too expensive. One way to meander around this dilemma is to reconstruct a home that has already been built. This helps to rebuild communities for the better as well. We are talking about the home of the future!


Build with global climate change in mind. This means use materials that have been recycled or choose products that are naturally green friendly like bamboo that grows at a faster rate than wood does, which saves trees in the long run. You can use bamboo in for a plethora options: cabinets, flooring, doors, or other home entities.

Companies are ceaselessly testing new prototypes for home development with multiple purposes that save energy. Shingles are being created lighter and with lasting durability; weather stripping is water defiant, glass used for windows is transitional and insulation has become storm resistant, thanks to today’s innovations.


Look for homes that need minimal manicure work. It is much more affordable to fix something already in existence rather than create something new from scratch. Recreate an abandoned home. Find building with a desirable frame that is already standing in place and work off of what is currently there. Up-front costs will be a lot higher for something new. Instead, take care of what you have to avoid big fixing costs later down the road.


Being “green” and doing something different has everyone preaching. Reconstruction gives off a modern feel once complete and you will be the trendsetter amongst your friends. It is easier to adapt to new practices after a few weeks and then you will wonder how you ever managed before!

Think of reconstruction with a previous frame as the new American dream home of the future. Ask your contractor how to create a sustainable and affordable home that is right for you. These practices will result in a safe, beautiful, and long-lasting residence. It only takes little changes to make a huge difference.

Aug 28 14

Sherriff-Goslin’s Football Big 10 Predictions

by Sherriff-Goslin

imgresYes, it is that time of year again. As the leaves start to turn and Summer turns to Fall, it means it’s college football season and we get prepared for 14 weeks of gridiron action with our favorite colleges from the Big Ten. With Sherriff-Goslin having a great presence throughout Big Ten country, we offer up our 2014 Big Ten preview which we are sure will go haywire by week 3! With two new members joining the Big Ten this year to bring the number of teams up to 14, we will stick with our tradition of grouping the teams into into 3 categories; the Contenders, the Pretenders, and the Wait Until Basketball Seasoners. The contenders will consist of the schools that have a good chance to win the Big Ten and possibly contend for the first ever College Football Playoff and ultimately, a National Championship. The pretenders are the schools that if everything breaks right could sneak into the Big Ten title game and if everything breaks wrong could look forward to 2015 sooner than others, but will ultimately finish 7-6, 8-5, or 9-4 and go to one of the smaller bowls. The Wait Until Basketball Seasoners are the schools that well, are better suited for March Madness. So without further adieu, here we go……

The Wait Until Basketball Seasoners:

Purdue University - Yikes, we were way off last year on the Boilers! We predicted 5-7. Purdue collapsed to a 1-11 record. 1-11? Really, 1 win? Well, we aren’t making the same mistake this year. Your parting gifts are at the door. Get the basketballs ready. Prediction: 2-10

Rutgers University - 2014 marks Rutgers jump from the American Athletic Conference (Formerly the Big East) to the Big Ten. They went 6-7 last year in the AAC, losing their bowl game to Notre Dame. Well, they enter the Big Ten this year and were put in the east division, having to play Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin this year. Welcome to the Big Ten! Prediction: 3-9

Indiana University – IU surprised us last year as well as some of their opponents by going 5-7 and just missing out on a bowl game. Does back to back 5-7 seasons mean Indiana is ready to make the leap to a bowl berth? Sorry Hoosiers, not this year. The schedule isn’t as favorable as 2013. Prediction: 3-9

University of Maryland - Welcome to the Big Ten, Maryland. While going 7-6 and earning a bowl berth in their last season in the ACC, the schedule makers weren’t friendly to Maryland in their inaugural season. Also, playing in the eastern division is going to make life very difficult for the Terps. Prediction: 4-8

University of Minnesota - Yep, here was a prediction that was totally off in 2013. Minnesota definitely shocked some opponents in 2013, finishing 8-5 and earning a bowl berth. This year though, the schedule is harder and some of the opponents they beat last year are vastly improved. Sorry Gophers but no bowl for you this year. Prediction: 5-7

University of Illinois – Illinois did out-perform our prediction last year by going 4-8 against our prediction of 2-10. With the divisions in the Big Ten being realigned this year, Illinois finds themselves in the west which is the easier division. While we think a bowl game is out of the question, an improvement and another step in the right direction is there for the taking. Prediction: 5-7

Penn State - Due to NCAA sanctions, PSU is ineligible to participate in a bowl game for 2 more years. Simply due to that, they are in this group, though new Head Coach James Franklin inherited a nice team from Bill O’Brien and has the team heading in the right direction. Their record shouldn’t put them in this category, so play the spoiler again this year, keep building up the program, and get ready for 2016. Prediction: 8-4

The Pretenders:

Northwestern – Can someone please explain what happened to Northwestern last year? After a 10-3 season in 2012 and a hot start to 2013 that saw them start off 4-0, Northwestern lost 7 in a row to ultimately finish 5-7 and miss out on a bowl game. Coach Pat Fitzgerald has his hands full this year and a somewhat unfriendly schedule. While we see an improvement from 2013, contending for the Big Ten title is a stretch. Welcome back to bowl season this year Wildcats! Prediction: 7-6

University of Iowa - Ok, so we were way off on Iowa last year with our predictions. They rebounded nicely last year from their 4-8 record in 2012 to finish 8-5 and earn a bowl berth. Much like the other members of the western division, Iowa’s schedule is extremely user friendly and their non-conference schedule plays well for them too. Big Ten Title? Probably not but another winning season and a bowl berth is almost a certainty. Prediction: 8-5

Nebraska - We were very close to our prediction last year for Nebraska. We predicted 10-3 and they finished 9-4. Good for us but apparently bad for Head Coach Bo Pelini, who was almost fired for that performance. Nebraska has only two match ups against ranked opponents this year, which is a plus. The downside is they are both on the road against Wisconsin and Sparty. They also welcome the Miami Hurricanes to Lincoln this year in a match up full of nostalgia of National Championships past. Could be a slip up game for the Huskers. So we predict the same thing for Nebraska that we did in 2013. Bo Pelini improves upon his 9-4 season, but not much.  Prediction: 10-3

Michigan – If Brady Hoke has another season like he did last year, he might find a pink slip in his Christmas stocking. Thankfully, Michigan’s schedule is very very user-friendly this year and Michigan is bringing back a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. We don’t necessarily want to call this a rebuilding year for the Maze and Blue, but contending for a Big Ten Title this year in a division that also has Sparty and that team from Columbus might be a stretch. Bowl game? Definitely and also we see a rebound from 2013, which saves Brady his job. Prediction: 10-3

The Contenders:

Ohio State – If we had written this blog two weeks ago, we probably would have predicted Ohio State to make a run at an undefeated season, a Big Ten title, and ultimately a shot a the National Championship. But then Braxton Miller, Ohio State’s star quarterback, injured his shoulder in practice and was forced to have surgery, sidelining him for the entire 2014 season. Coach Urban Meyer is now forced to turn to redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett, who has never started or even played in a meaningful college football game. Now Ohio State does have talent on both sides of the ball but with the Big 10 divisions being realigned, they are now in the same division as Michigan State, another favorite and powerhouse in the conference. If everything goes right, Ohio State just might be able to pull off the upset and get to the Big Ten Championship and possibly the College Football Playoff. But we know that everything never goes right. They are still a contender, but they will need some help. More than likely, it will be a trip to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando January 1st.  Prediction: 12-2

Wisconsin - Last year saw Wisconsin go 9-4 where three of those loses to Arizona State, Ohio State, and Penn St, be for a combined 16 points! That is what separated Wisconsin from a 9-4 season and a possible Big Ten title. Well, with the divisions being realigned for the 2014 season, Wisconsin was put into the west division, which has a much easier path to the title game. Aside from a very tough opening game vs LSU, Wisconsin has a very friendly schedule, with only one other ranked opponent on it, and that is Nebraska at home. The path to a Big Ten Championship game is there for the taking. We think they get there! Prediction: 12-2

Michigan State - Sparty is back and Sparty is loaded! Coming off their best season ever that saw them upset Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl victory over Stanford, Michigan State is set up perfectly for a run at not only the Big Ten Title, but a spot in the College Football Playoff. It also helps when your biggest challenger within your conference loses their star QB for the year. Sparty, we see big things for you this year. Don’t let us down! Prediction: 13-1, Big Ten Champion, and a spot in the College Football Playoff

So there you go. There’s Sherriff-Goslin’s 2014 Big Ten preview and predictions. When week 4 rolls around and this prediction has completely blown up, please feel free point that out to us. Kickoff of the season is tomorrow with most of the Big Ten schools starting this Saturday. We couldn’t be more excited!