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Feb 8 16

Don’t Choose A Shingle Just By Its Color

by Sherriff-Goslin

A roof can be one of the most impressive design features of a home. Today roofing shingles are available in so many colors that enhance your home’s architecture. Browse the brochures, click through the shingle visualizer that digitally displays how different colors of shingles will look on a house and then look at actual samples. One color is bound to catch your eye.

However, it is important to understand that the shingle you choose must do much more than add impressive color to your home’s curb appeal. The shingle you select has to safeguard your home against dangers such as hail, wind-blown debris and even the slow, but persistent, damage caused by algae.

Wind And Hail Protection

A durable roof is the first line of defense against a gale-force storm. Loss of even a few shingles by high winds can result in rainwater leaking into a home causing damage to the house and contents. Replacement costs are usually many times the cost spent to install the best wind resistant shingle roof.

Yes, it’s true that a shingle roof system that is able to withstand winds up to 130 mph will cost more than a basic shingle that may only be warranted up to 60 mph. A shingle roof made with these high-wind rated products has a much greater chance of surviving extreme wind conditions. Ask your roofing contractor to show you shingles that are warranted to withstand high-force winds.

Another important factor to consider is impact resistance. All quality shingles are manufactured with a UL 2118 rating. The rating tells a shingle’s resistance to impact and is based on tests that simulate how a shingle will stand up to 90-mph hailstones of varying sizes. A Class 4 rating is given to shingles with the highest level of impact resistance.

Color Me Happy

Many a homeowner has watched in quiet despair as the rich color of their impressive roof soon becomes stained and faded. Black streaks on a roof are the result of algae growth and they make a home look dirty and old. Ask to see quality shingles that are warranted to resist the growth.

By installing a quality shingle that can stay on in high winds, remain undamaged by wind-blown debris and resist algae staining, you may actually save money. Ask your insurance agent about discounts on your homeowners insurance when you install these shingles on your new roof.

After you find a shingle that can offer these levels of protection, go ahead and select that one color that will make your house a standout in the neighborhood. Once you examined the architectural shingle possibilities, fill out this easy to use contact form to connect to a local Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractor. They are part of a team that has been installing quality roofs for over a century.

Feb 5 16

Why Be Weary In Winter?

by Sherriff-Goslin

As sure as the Sun comes up every day, a cold, snowy winter will follow every flashy, colorful fall. Since most people can’t avoid it, you have only two choices for how to get through the season: hibernate into a depressing cave until spring or seek ways to actually enjoy, yes enjoy, the many possibilities available this time of year.

Get Moving

The biggest surprise for most people who try winter activities is that they don’t feel cold. But the reason is quite simple; a body in motion generates heat. So if a fear of the frigid has kept you indoors each winter, rest assured that if you get active the cold won’t bother you.

Walking is the easiest of winter activities and one of the healthiest. Although the thermometer may be reading near or below freezing, during a brisk walk you will find the aerobic exercise of walking actually keeps you very warm. Cross-country skiing takes walking to a faster pace as you glide over trails on flat ground wearing long thin skis. Even more so than with winter walking, you will find that your body heat becomes elevated and you will actually shed layers of clothing during your cross-country trek. Whether on an indoor rink or a country pond, ice skating is another way of getting aerobic benefits as well as toning your legs muscles.

You don’t have to tackle the downhill slopes like an Olympic mogul master to enjoy downhill skiing. There is no shame in taking your first run down the “Bunny” slope; everyone has to start somewhere. In fact most first-timers find they get a heart-pounding rush on the beginner slopes. Other winter activities, such as snowboarding and tobogganing can be as exhilarating as any theme park thrill ride.

Take It Easy

There are some of you who just aren’t interested in winter outdoor activities. But you too can enjoy, rather than endure, the cold months by remaining active indoors. Winter doldrums will fade away as you tackle tasks, hone crafts and just relax.

This would be a good time to turn off your digital devices, prepare a hot beverage and curl up in a recliner with those novels you have wanted to read. You can also use the winter to dig into those jobs you have been putting off for months. Getting organized, whether it be gathering a collection of favorite recipes, or getting rid of the junk in your “junk drawer,” are also excellent ways to beat the winter blahs.

Isaac Newton – remember him, the guy with the apple and gravity – said it so well: “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.” That’s the key to avoid being winter weary, stay in motion.

Feb 4 16

Three New Year’s Resolutions For A Safer Home in 2016

by Sherriff-Goslin

It’s that time of year again where we all make our resolutions for the new year. Hitting the gym more, losing that holiday weight, starting a journal, traveling more and so many more are very popular resolutions you hear from friends and family. But how about some resolutions for your home? Here are some New Year’s resolutions for your home in 2016:

Check your dryer for lint.

Did you know that 15,000 building fires a year are attributed to dryer lint, according to the U.S. Fire Administration? It’s a scary statistic, but the good news is that the danger is easily prevented with simple but regular maintenance. Check and empty the lint screen in your dryer after every load, and if you can access the vents and ducts behind the dryer, remove any lint you find with a cloth, brush or shop-vac every six months. If you can’t get to these areas by yourself, hire a professional service provider (or talk to your landlord if you rent) for help with this crucial step. Lint seems innocent, but is highly combustible. Don’t let it spark trouble for your home!

Have your roof inspected.

We trust our roofs to protect and perform, year after year, and they will if quality materials have been installed and regular inspections are conducted. To prevent unwanted surprises, such as water leaks and missing shingles, have your roof inspected by a licensed professional. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends homeowners have their roof inspected at least twice a year. Roofing contractors have the skills and the knowledge to thoroughly inspect and mitigate any potential issues they find while scaling your roof deck. Plus, they can help you handle minimal repairs before they turn into major problems, a huge money saver! Sherriff-Goslin can help you find a roofing professional in your area — simply click here.

Install a radon gas detector.

Regardless of where you live and what type of home building you live in, you could be at risk from radon gas. This invisible and odorless contaminant is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is formed during the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. Radon gas exits the ground and can seep into your home through cracks and holes in the foundation — and it can be deadly. But inexpensive and easy-to-install radon detectors are available at home improvement stores, hardware stores and online. Buy and use one in your home to keep you and your family safe from this potential hazard.

Dec 9 15

Breaking Tradition: The Perfect Holiday Vacation

by Sherriff-Goslin

When you think of the perfect holiday vacation, what comes to mind? A family gathering at Grandma’s house? A cabin in the woods? Or simply a long weekend at home with no agenda and no place to go? All are good ideas, but this year it’s time to put a fun spin on the traditional holiday vacation. If you want to experience the perfect holiday vacation, filled with lasting memories, here are three alternative ways to spend your holiday vacation.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.00.53 PM

Bed and Breakfasting — Make your way down to historic Charleston, SC, and check yourself into total rest and relaxation at The Battery Carriage House. Built in the 1800s, this romantic inn has the beautiful front yard doubles as the renowned White Point Garden and the famous Charleston Battery. The inn is only a short car ride away from Folly Beach, where you can build sand angels and sandcastle snowmen till your heart’s content. And in the evening you can explore the Holiday Festival of Lights, which is complete with s’mores over an open fire and a visit with Santa. And nothing will get you in the festive mood, southern style, like an evening carriage ride through historic downtown Charleston.

Celebrating with Disney — Riding on rip-roaring rollercoasters is fun enough, but when you visit Disney during holiday season the fun and excitement is intensified. As they say, “the magic is everywhere.” Holiday lights illuminate the park at night, the International Yuletide Extravaganza gives you a taste of

2167020538_faac8f371f_bhow the holidays are celebrated from all parts of the globe, and the fireworks/laser show to close the park each night is Facebook and YouTube worthy. There’s no better way to spend the holidays than a celebration with Mickey and a few, thousand, of your closest friends.

 Including All Fun — If you are looking for a getaway where you can leave it all behind, head out to Colorado to experience the C Lazy U Ranch. Recently rated the 4th best resort in the U.S. by Conde Nast Readers, this all-inclusive resort has all you need to get lost in the holiday spirit. Plenty of snow, caroling around the grand piano, Santa in a horse drawn sleigh and decorating the Christmas tree with family and friends is just the beginning. The resident Ranch Chef will prepare delicious meals throughout the day and there are an abundance of ranch activities, including horseback riding and cattle pushing clinics. It’s all the fun you need, and you never have to leave the ranch.

Share Your Holiday Fun 


These are only some of the many different ways you can switch up your traditional holiday vacation and make it special. If you have other fun ways to spend the holidays, Sherriff Goslin would love to hear about them. Tweet us, hit us up on Facebook or find us on Google+ to let us know.

Nov 26 15

Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Techies & Construction Pros

by Sherriff-Goslin

The holidays are quickly approaching, but traditional shopping methods have taken to the web, so avoiding the crowds has never been easier! With the building industry making a turnaround, there’s no better time to invest in some new tools both techies and construction professionals can put to good use.

Here are this season’s hottest items builders would love to find amongst their holiday gifts:

DJI’s Phantom 3

With a 1.2-mile flying range, high-definition video and photography footage that can be live-streamed right to your tablet or phone, this drone will put others to shame!


Beats Pro Headphones

Beats and Fendi present noise-reduction headphones, perfect for those in the building industry. The heavy-duty Beats Pro headphones have rotating ear cups and come in different color options for a slick new look.


Leatherman Wave Multitool

This gadget comes with 17 popular tools used frequently. Its stainless steel material is so durable, you shouldn’t need to take advantage of its 25-year warranty!


Duckwear SuperBib Apron

A #1 Best Seller on Amazon, this bib provides full coverage for home or shop. Keep your tools and other regularly used items in any of the 16 elastic pockets or dual hammer loops. The padded shoulder straps will take some tension off your body too!


Contractor T-Shirts

Always a great go-to item for last minute purchases, or gift to someone who is near impossible to shop for! Keep calm, and call the contractor!


Make someone’s holiday special with gifts to fit their needs. Take it from the professionals at Sherriff-Goslin, we would gladly take any of these gifts off your hands!