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Nov 26 15

Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Techies & Construction Pros

by Sherriff-Goslin

The holidays are quickly approaching, but traditional shopping methods have taken to the web, so avoiding the crowds has never been easier! With the building industry making a turnaround, there’s no better time to invest in some new tools both techies and construction professionals can put to good use.

Here are this season’s hottest items builders would love to find amongst their holiday gifts:

DJI’s Phantom 3

With a 1.2-mile flying range, high-definition video and photography footage that can be live-streamed right to your tablet or phone, this drone will put others to shame!


Beats Pro Headphones

Beats and Fendi present noise-reduction headphones, perfect for those in the building industry. The heavy-duty Beats Pro headphones have rotating ear cups and come in different color options for a slick new look.


Leatherman Wave Multitool

This gadget comes with 17 popular tools used frequently. Its stainless steel material is so durable, you shouldn’t need to take advantage of its 25-year warranty!


Duckwear SuperBib Apron

A #1 Best Seller on Amazon, this bib provides full coverage for home or shop. Keep your tools and other regularly used items in any of the 16 elastic pockets or dual hammer loops. The padded shoulder straps will take some tension off your body too!


Contractor T-Shirts

Always a great go-to item for last minute purchases, or gift to someone who is near impossible to shop for! Keep calm, and call the contractor!


Make someone’s holiday special with gifts to fit their needs. Take it from the professionals at Sherriff-Goslin, we would gladly take any of these gifts off your hands!

Nov 19 15

Thanksgiving Impressive Side Dishes With Flavor

by Sherriff-Goslin

Thanksgiving is the time of year to be thankful for family, friends, a roof over our head, and of course, food! Turkey is an expected meal to be served at the dining table, but the sides aren’t always expected to be anything amazing. Impress your guest with these deliciously, flavorful sides they won’t be able to pass up, or forget!

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Pecan and Marshmallow Streusel won’t leave any leftovers as this one is an absolute favorite! A savory dessert that’s ready in a little over an hour, but completely worth the wait!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.04.45 PM

Pumpkin Pickles shows up unexpectedly, leaving guests wondering, maybe you can have pumpkin everything! Stuffed with not only extreme amounts of flavor, Pumpkin Pickles recipe is packed with fiber and Vitamin A. This recipe is also a great add-in for soups!


Stuffed Acorn Squash with Quinoa and Herbs is all the rage this season, especially when you throw Quinoa into the mix! A healthy little side dish that will guarantee to make your mouth water while feeding your body the protein and fiber it deserves. Ready in under 30 minutes!


Butternut Squash and Potato Gratin with Braised Brussel Sprouts and Bacon mixed together amounts to pure happiness. Didn’t you read the ‘Bacon’ bit? This enticing eat tastes just like mac and cheese, great for a holiday side dish or any dinner party where hungry people will be gathering!


No matter what you are serving, make sure it is something good people will be thankful for! Timing is everything, but choosing a great dish is even more important. Don’t worry, Sherriff-Goslin has got you covered!

Nov 11 15

Deep-Fry The Perfect Turkey This Thanksgiving

by Sherriff-Goslin

Yes, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. As the family all gathers under one roof to sit down at a lavish dining table displayed with elegant china to eat off, the turkey comes out of the oven and it’s burnt! What do you? Avoid the disaster from the beginning by following Sherriff-Goslin’s recipe of how to deep-fry the perfect turkey! 

First and foremost, allow ample time for preparation, cooking, and serving. Deep-frying a turkey can be done inside, but too many accidents can happen so we highly recommend outside cooking for safety precautions.

To begin, make sure there is at least 3 to 5 inches between the top of the pot so the oil doesn’t overflow. Oil temperature should remain at 375 degrees Fahrenheit and may take up to 5 minutes per pound to reach correct temperature. Dark meat is recommended to have an internal temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit and an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit for white meat. Also, never leave the deep fryer unattended!

  1. Remove and discard the inside of the turkey (the neck and giblets).
  2. Place turkey in the metal basket that will be placed inside the deep fryer.
  3. Proceed to drop the turkey (in basket) into the deep fryer, far away from any homes might we … hint, hint!
  4. Add water until it reaches the top of the turkey and then remove the turkey so the water drains back into the deep fryer. This way, you will know how much oil to add to the propane deep fryer.
  5. Add your oil into the fryer until it reaches 375 degrees Fahrenheit, but make sure you don’t go past the waterline where we previously testing this stopping point with water.
  6. Pat turkey down with paper towels and place turkey back into the deep fryer.
  7. Once your bird is all settled in, let sit in deep fryer for 4 minutes per pound. You will know when your turkey is done when it has reached the previously stated internal temperature of 175 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of meat of your turkey.
  8. When your turkey is all done cooking, turn the deep fryer off and carefully lift the basket out of the fryer and place on a clean towel to drain.
  9. Let the turkey cool before removing from basket, garnish, slice and serve!

Who ever said cooking a turkey was difficult? It isn’t difficult just time consumer and attention to detail is needed. Thanksgiving cooking made easy from Sherriff-Goslin to you … enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Oct 1 15

Free Roof Inspections Are Necessary Before Winter Is Here

by Sherriff-Goslin

Hiring the most knowledgeable roofing contractor, selecting superiority materials, and having a strong warranty will only protect against your home so much. All too often, homeowners and business owners neglect having their roof inspected at least once a year for signs of depreciation, ultimately resulting in damage that could have been fixed if caught sooner. aa88a99f-7761-4b02-98c6-59f0c0f420d5

Over 80 percent of all roofs are replaced prematurely due to lack of attention. It’s no secret that protecting a car, piece of apparel or even the latest technology innovations should be maintained regularly. Your roof should also regularly be attended to in upholding its perpetual quality.

How does a professional roofing contractor ensure longevity of your roof one may ask?

When leaks occur, it may take weeks or even months for anyone to notice, and only after the leak has grown large enough to become a hassle. A roofing professional will be able to spot leaks right away, providing ample time for repairing damages before worsening.

Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractors also specifically look for buckling, cracked or damaged shingles that need be replaced before the next seasonal weather change. When roofing shingles are not replaced after damage, those shingles leave room for your roof to be taken advantage of from exterior forces like intense rains, high winds or harsh snow that comes in the winter. SGArtLoc

Other parts of your home or facility also depend on the durability and functionality of your roof. In the winter months, proper drainage is very important so ice dams don’t occur. This goes along with having a roofing contractor check your roof again in the springtime for vegetation damage, usually found in the drain ways as well.

Any other needed improvements will be spotted by a regular Sherriff-Goslin roof inspection before growing into a larger problem. Establishing a schedule for routine inspections once, or even better, twice a year with the changing seasons will keep your roof sturdy with less potentially costly impairments along the way.

Did we mention Sherriff-Goslin offers free roof inspections as well? All the information is located on our ‘Free Roof Inspection’ page! Call today if you have any questions or concerns and one of our friendly staff members will be able to assist any of your needs!

Aug 27 15

5 Days Left For Summer of Savings!

by Sherriff-Goslin

Discover the easiest way to save on a complete roof system with Sherriff-Goslin’s Summer of Savings!


By filling out a simple form, Sherriff-Goslin customers can reap the benefits of our Summer of Savings deals and steals to put towards roofing services and products. Once customers have completed the form, a $100 rebate in the form of a download will appear right on your computer!

Sherriff-Goslin is proud to manufacture high quality roofing shingles and products to further the value of your roof and home. We have placed an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction through designing and engineering so we can deliver a shingle that will provide the highest protection, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Kick back, relax, and let the savings from Sherriff-Goslin begin with the click of your mouse today!