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5 Reasons Why Roof Inspections are Helpful for Your Home

Posted: in Residential

An orange-roofed home has a well-maintained roof that will protect its home for years to come.It’s normal to take the condition of our homes for granted.

If everything’s working well, then we usually don’t overthink the infrastructure of your property. It’s when things aren’t working well that we realize just how good we had things before! But of course, a home won’t take care of itself. That might happen in the future, but we’re not there yet! If your property is to be watertight and at its best, it’ll be important to take proactive steps to ensure that everything’s exactly as it should be. A big part of this is ensuring your roof is in good condition.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some key reasons why you should check your roof’s condition. 

1. It’s a Preventive Measure 

There’s every chance that your roof is in perfect condition. But you won’t know that for sure unless a professional gets up close for a look. They’ll be able to spot any potential problems. We don’t tend to give too much thought to our gutters and roofs, but it’s important to remember that they don’t last forever. Normally, they’ll show some signs of wear and tear after a while. If a potential issue is fixed before it has time to develop, then that can only be good news for your property!

2. Protect Your Roof 

Your roof is the top line of defense against water getting in through the top of you home. Broken or cracked shingles can make it easy for water to trickle or even pour into your attic. Keeping water, debris, and the elements out is possible when your roof is solid. A roof inspection ensures that this protective layer is intact. 

The roof and gutter are, of course, located close to one another. And that means that what happens on one can have an impact on the other. If your gutters are clogged with debris, then any rainfall that hits your roof will have nowhere to go. If your roof was showing some signs of vulnerability, then heavy rainfall could be what tips things over the edge. That water has to go somewhere, and if there’s too much on your roof, then it’ll end up in your attic.

3. It Saves Money 

Why pay more money than necessary? A house can cost a lot on its own -- there’s no reason to add extra costs without good reason! By having your roof inspected and catching any issues before they become costly problems, you’ll be saving money!

4. Extreme Weather 

Your gutter and roof will be especially vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather, such as a heavy storm. By investing in the maintenance of your gutter and roof, you’ll be doing your bit for ice dam prevention. Plus, regular checkups will help to flag up any issues before they become big problems. A heavy thunderstorm can take a small vulnerability and turn it into a big issue!

5. Keeps Pests Away 

A cluttered gutter makes an ideal home for birds and rodents, as does a hole in the roof. By engaging in some preventative maintenance, you’ll be helping to keep wildlife away from your property. 

Handle All Your Roof’s Needs at Once with the Sherriff Goslin Company

Gutters and roofs are two parts of an integrated system that protect your home. Both of these parts work together to prevent water (and anything else) from getting inside your home from above. Make sure to clean your gutters to extend the protection of your home. Maintenance of your roof is easy with the Sherriff Goslin Company. Give our team a call today to set your roof inspection or maintenance.