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Customer Comments About Sherriff-Goslin Roofing Company

At Sherriff-Goslin, we are proud of the work that we do, whether it is a residential roof repair, roof replacement, or free roof inspection – we are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers. Below, you will find a selection of testimonials – video and written – that our customers have offered.

Dear S&G-

Wish every Co. was like yours. Thank you for a good job. Your workers are great!

H & B Robinson

…Dear Pete, Thank you so much for fixing our roof. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends.

Jim V.

…My roof was completed in half a day. I tried to find a trace of the old one on the ground… Excellent job!

Carole R.

As you are well aware, the installation of new roof shingles is not a very fun event for the homeowner. Your sales staff did an outstanding job of managing the project and they were very responsive to our concerns. Your salesperson was in constant contact and would return our calls promptly, which is not the norm in today’s contracting community.

Your roofers were very considerate and paid attention to the finer details of the project. They did excellent work on a difficult job, given the height and the pitch of our roof.

Your unique shingle (Art-Loc®) provided us with the cost saving option of roofing over the existing shingles versus total removal and re-decking required by your competitors. My neighbors have made several positive comments about your shingle and I will strongly recommend your company to other homeowners in Kalamazoo and elsewhere.

Thank you for a quality roof and a smooth installation. We greatly appreciate your assistance in improving the value of our home!

Matthew M.

…Everything was quickly done with very little inconvenience to the homeowner.

Donald J. P.

We would like you to know that the crew you sent to install our roof did an outstanding job. They announced their arrival, went to work and continued until finished. Everything was completed in one day.

We were especially impressed with the clean-up they did afterwards. They picked up every scrap of debris so you wouldn’t know anything had been done to the house.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Al & Lucy K.

The foreman on this job was a work-a-holic and a superior craftsman. Thank you so much!!!! The crew impressed me to the point it appeared as though they were working on their own home.

Woodrow S. Jr.

I am very pleased with the re-roofing job that you did on my home this summer. The sales approach was low key, prompt and effective. The six man crew that tore off, re-decked and re-shingled was well organized and efficient. Clean up was immediate and missed very little. The fellow who came to do the final inspection capped the whole process.

This was a job that I dreaded to have done. Your people accomplished it with a minimum disruption. It looks great. Thank you.

Larry B.

Thank you for a great job. Could not be more pleased. I have had several compliments on the Art-Loc® design. Would not be surprised if you are back in the neighborhood in the not too distant future.

Bob O. B.

I really appreciate the good work of the team of men who replaced my roof, your coordination and the company that stands behind the whole thing. Best wishes to all concerned.

Naomi R.

…I found the follow-up contract after we first talked about replacing our roof to be very thoughtful on your part. I appreciated the constant contract while working and after completion of work. Your roofing crew was very courteous…

Ken M.

I am very happy with my new roof. The neighbors are all telling me how good it looks. Your help was very neat and friendly.

Alma B.

…and then came your Sherriff-Goslin representative. He was on time for appointments, always respectful, patient, helpful, and his crew did an excellent job on the new roof they installed. The price was also competitive. He even climbed up on the roof and patched the old roof to prevent further leaking before he could schedule the crew to begin work.

Celia M.

Thank you! Service was EXCELLENT! Chris was extremely helpful and the crew was nice, quick and very tidy!

Sydney C.

I want to express my extreme satisfaction with Al Buchanan and the work crew that installed my new roof the first part of November. These gentlemen were very professional and courteous while at my home. I’ve never been so impressed with a crew such as this. They worked fast and efficient doing the job I thought would take longer than it did.

If all home improvement companies were as good as yours life would be great. I hope you share this with the Flint crew and let them know how good they are as company representatives.

Thank you for great service.

Mr. Gayle H. S.

Please extend my thanks to your manager, Bill White, who made sure a fine job was done. He personally was on the job, assuring that things went well. His selection of color matching for the metal trip and other additions like the water diverters were done to perfection. He is a real ‘hands on’ manager, scrambling up on the roof and doing a final check of the work.

Steven M.

…they came out and asked if I had any extra shingles, which I did so the man climbed up on the roof, replaced the damaged shingles and told me the rest of my roof was in great shape. I was willing to pay but he said ‘no charge’ and refused to take a dime”. I would recommend Sherriff-Goslin to anyone if this is the way you treat your customers.

Kelly T. C. Sr.

Once again, thank you for your excellent service. As with the job done on the house last November, I couldn’t be happier. Sal did a wonderful job. He was courteous, careful and did a great job of cleaning up afterward. Kirk, as before, was helpful and friendly. I know of few people who work at hard as he seems to do.

Thank you so much. Now the garage roof looks as good as the one on the house.

Linda V.

Ray and I want to sincerely thank you and your crew on the wonderful work you did on our home. The fact you did it all in one day and that you came out later to inspect the job was wonderful. A great big THANK YOU to you and your company. You are highly recommended and great to work with.

Ray & Rose G.

…Want to say “Thanks” for my roof and sure you know what a grand manager you have working for your company here in Mansfield, Ohio in Ben Weiss. He is a gentleman and not afraid to get his hands dirty…

Ruby J.

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my roofing and gutter guard experience. Chris Harrison helped to assuage my worst case scenario fears with his candor, honesty and wit. The workmen were very efficient and tidy. They probably deserve a raise.

All in all it was a most agreeable encounter.

Keep up the good work!

Deb D.

We were extremely pleased with the way our roof job was handled.

Special applause to Kirk May who did what he said when he said it would be done! He made having work done a pleasant task, as opposed to some other home improvement jobs we have had done. We appreciate his and your professionalism.

Clint & Kathy J.

…Excellent service by Pete and the Muncie office as usual. You can use us as a reference anytime. Thank you.

Ted W. Waters Funeral Home -- Hartford City, IN

I wanted to let you know I am a very happy homeowner. Your TEAM gave me an excellent job. My salesperson did an excellent job of explaining to me what would be done and following the job right up to the end. I would be happy and proud to recommend your company to my neighbors and friends. Thank you.

Melvin G. M.

We are impressed with Sherriff-Goslin’s professional workmanship. The work was completed on schedule and the roof looks great! We have had several compliments from our neighbors. We were pleasantly surprised how smooth everything went from start to finish. We would highly recommend Sherriff-Goslin roofing to anyone in the market for a new roof!

Stevie M.

Just a note to compliment Sherriff-Goslin Roofing. We recently had our roof replaced. We can’t say enough GREAT things about your work crew. Our first impression was of Kirk. He was very professional and made us feel comfortable about our decision to use your company. Once the work crew arrived, everything was very professional and we compliment your crew boss Mike. He was the driving force behind the performance of his crew. Everyone worked in sync, and the work is impeccable! It’s good to see a great work ethic and the job handled in such a reputable and speedy way, no time was wasted and the crew was all about getting the job done right the first time. Thank you Sherriff-Goslin and crew for a job well done! We will be sure to recommend your company to friends and family!

Tom & Torrey W.

We want to thank you very much for coming out and taking care of the issue with our roof. I wish I could tell you just how refreshing it was to have a company back up their promises and guarantees. I was amazed, We did not have to argue with you, we didn’t even have to complain. All we did was tell you we were concerned with an issue and you fixed it. Your Representative in this area was professional, friendly and helpful. The two guys that came out to fix the issue were the same. With all the lousy contractors out there today ( and we have had our experience with one) it is so nice to know there is a company out there that you can trust to live up to there word and standards. I promise you we have and will recommend Sherriff-Goslin to friends, Plus you can count on our business again when the need arises.

Thank you,

Bob & Marion O.

We referred two of our friends since our installation, one of which has also had their roof replaced and are very satisfied as well. Thank you!

Carolyn S. & Frank H.

We are very pleased with our new roofs. We were very impressed with the workers too. They worked diligently and it was so very hot. We were admiring their work ethic. Thank you for a job well done.

P.S. Greg was great to work with too. He went out of his way to accommodate our schedule!

Janice K.

The men did an excellent job and I would recommend Sherriff-Goslin Co. to anyone who needs a new roof.


Eleanor C.

Just a quick thank you to your company, you, and especially your workmen who recently completed repairs to my house roof and gambrel roofed barn. Todd Brust and his co-worker spent a considerable amount of time and effort in repairing and re-roofing the two sections of our house roof – in rain and cold. A number of defects were discovered in the tear-off including holes, decking not being well attached to the roof trusses, missing flashing, etc.

Today, Leo and Gerald completed repairs to the barn flashing and removal of nails, shingle pieces, etc. from the gutter of an older roof job on the house. They not only took great time and care in the repairs, they also repaired a crack in the roofing near a chimney of which I was unaware.

Again, thank you and please pass this onto the roofing crew.


Chuck W.

Had several small problems and on on going. All the problems were taken care of with a prompt responce. Your staff went over and above to help get things done. This was a very nice experience and a great job.

Thanks for all your care.

William G.

Many thanks, especially to Jim Hinkle who really made this all possible!! Very satisfied with the whole experience and so thankful that the roof was completed so that it was included in our homeowner’s insurance.

Blessings to all!

Judy & Steve S.

Steve Joyce is very professional and has been most helpful in this project, and others. They set the bar very high for this type of business. I give them my enthusiastic and highest recommendation.

William H.

Excellent process beginning to end. Steve was super. The workers were meticulous and the finished product is beautiful.

Jerald & Lori Ann M.

Jim [Lima, OH Brach Manager] has been great to work with and that has made the whole project much more pleasant.

Thanks again.

Perry L.

Mr. Ticknor,

I want to express my complete satisfaction with your company. I have had two new homes with your Art-Loc® shingles, and have been more than pleased. My second had a new roof put on in 2008, and a recent windstorm caused a few shingles to come up. I called your company the next day expecting a recording, but to my surprise there was a live person who took my information. Two days later I got a phone call at work stating they were on my roof, and it would be corrected. Jason in the Dayton, Ohio office is a class act and a credit to his company. In today’s poorly customer oriented services, it’s a pleasant surprise when you run into classy people, and a company that stands behind it’s products and services. You have my word-of-mouth advertising easily, and if someday I need another roof then also my business. Thanks for a class-act company and customer service us old-timers miss.

Robert B.


Our original asphalt shingle roof was covered by a pewter colored Sherriff-Goslin roof-over Art-Loc® shingle in 1996 and served us well. We noticed lifting and surface color differences last year and believed the roof’s remaining life was coming to an end. We budgeted for a 2014 replacement. So this year we contracted with Greg Samulak for a complete tear-off both original roof and replacement with a black Art-Loc® shingle. Jose, Adam, and Yolanda did the complete job. As a retiree, I was able to watch the project closely and found the underdecking of our roof was protected completely and remained pristine all these years (18 years) with the protection of the Sherriff-Goslin roof-over.

Nick & Jane J.

Dear Sherriff-Goslin Roofing,

I wanted to take a moment and share how happy we are to have selected you to install our new roof. Right from the beginning when Brian came out to prepare an estimate it just seemed right. The crew themselves were outstanding and cleaned up after themselves as the job moved along.

We appreciate everything and consider it a privilege to be a Sherriff-Goslin Roofing Company customer.

Jon K.

Very professional, caring, and efficient. =)

Margaret K.

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