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Homeowner Help: 5 Roofing Problems You May Encounter

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When was the last time you stood outside, looked up toward the sky, and laid eyes on your roof? The answer to this question is probably a quick shrug of the shoulders and a “why does it matter” response. We get it. Whether you’re running your own business or constantly wrangling your little ones, we understand that your roof isn’t always your top priority. But the team at Sherriff Goslin is here to tell you why it may be a good idea to add it to your maintenance routine. Between unexpected weather conditions and lack of time to clean up debris, your roof’s condition can quickly deteriorate, costing you more money in the long run.

In this blog, we’ll cover the five most common roof problems you may experience throughout the year and how to fix them. Discover how to prevent future roofing issues and keep protection over your family's head year-round. 


One of the most common roofing issues that homeowners face is leaks. There are numerous reasons why your roof could be leaking, including:

  • Gutters & downspouts aren’t working correctly
  • Shingles are missing
  • Roof vents are loose
  • The flashing has come unattached

Regardless of how a leak has formed in your roof, it can cause structural and expensive damage. Be sure to keep an eye out for watermarks and stains on your ceiling. Additionally, check up in the attic for standing water and additional damage that may have occurred after a storm.

Standing Water

Standing water is customary on roofs that don’t have an adequate drainage system, leaving the water to pool and lie stagnant. Flat roofs are notorious for collecting standing water since the pitch is nonexistent and rainwater cannot flow downward. In contrast, arched, domed, hipped, gabled, and other pitched roofs experience standing water when there are overly clogged gutters and other blockages to the drainage system. When standing water takes over, it can lead to mold, mildew, algae, and rot, and your roof can begin to sink in certain areas.

If you’ve experienced standing water after an unexpected storm, the professionals at Sherriff Goslin can help. We’ll perform an inspection and patch up any areas that were damaged. Additionally, we recommend contacting a professional water removal company if there is significant damage.

Clogged Gutters

Ignoring your gutter system and not cleaning out fallen debris, such as leaves, twigs, and other natural elements, is one of the root causes of leaks in your roof. The longer a gutter is clogged, the more water is backlogged into your roofing system and home. Keeping your gutters clean and clear prevents basement flooding, foundation erosion, moisture in windows, and damage to your roof. Be advised that using a ladder to access the gutters can be dangerous. Be sure to have additional help, and if you aren’t able to clear the gutters yourself, contact our professionals.

At Sherriff Goslin, we offer gutter installation, repairs, sealing, cleaning, and more. Simply request a free gutter inspection from one of our professionals, and we’ll come out to your home and let you know which gutter services are right for you.

Ventilation Issues

Roof ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust vents that provide air circulation throughout your home. Having a well-ventilated roof and attic is imperative to your home’s efficiency. When your roof ventilation isn’t properly installed, hot air can get trapped within your home, causing the internal temperature to rise and energy bills to skyrocket. Additionally, roof ventilation issues can cause damage to your shingles and structural damage to your rafters, resulting in a much higher roof replacement or repair cost.

To understand whether or not your roof is up to proper ventilation standards, schedule a roof inspection with Sherriff Goslin. Our professionals can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems and ensure your home is safe and secure.

Improper Installation

As much as we love a good DIY project, we don’t recommend DIYing your roof replacement or repair. Improper installation is one of the most frustrating causes of roofing issues, especially because it can cause a variety of problems—all at once or throughout the years. Though saving money upfront sounds like a great idea, the cost you’ll end up spending on shingle repairs, leaks, moldy exteriors, and more is not typically worth the perceived cost savings. 

Instead, we recommend contacting Sherriff Goslin for all your roof replacements. It’s not our goal to sell you a new roof unless you genuinely need one. Our licensed, insured, and experienced crew will inspect your roof, provide a written estimate, and install a new roof in a timely manner.

Pest Infestations

We’ve all heard the pitter-patter of squirrels playing on the roof during the early morning hours. But, you’ve likely never thought about the damage pests can cause when they get inside your roof. Mice, squirrels, raccoons, and other small rodents can find a way to nest inside your chimney, attic, or even in between the shingles, creating a dangerous situation. Not only can these animals cause harm to you and your family if they venture into the home, but they can also chew through wires, create large holes for leaks, and so much more.

Storm Damage

Not all problems are visible to the naked eye, especially when created by storm damage. Hail can cause dents and cracks in your shingles, high winds can rip parts of your roofing material away, and excessive water can cause leaks and standing water to form. But what you can’t see is mold starting to form under the fascia, cracked gutters, loss of granules on the shingles, and more. If you’ve experienced roof damage due to a storm, contacting a roofing professional is important to get your roof repaired quickly and efficiently.

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At Sherriff Goslin, we believe everyone deserves a high-quality roof—no matter your budget. We’ve experienced everything from pest-infested attics to demolished roofs from storm damage. Our professionals understand the urgency behind repairing or replacing your roof when something unexpected happens and know how to get the job done to your satisfaction every time. 

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