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Winter Risks: Damage that Can Occur on Your Roof

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In the words of Jon Snow: WINTER IS COMING. And as a homeowner in Michigan, keeping your roof structure in good health throughout the colder months should be a priority. From damaging snow and ice buildup to more detrimental problems such as roof collapse and leaks, it’s important to understand the status of your roof before the heavy snowfall touches down.

At Sheriff Goslin, we understand the unpredictable weather Michigan can receive, especially during winter months. This is why we have compiled a list of potential dangers to your roof that you may experience as snowfall and cold wreak havoc on our state. 

The Biggest Risks To Your Roof in the Winter

The Great Lake State is known for unpredictable weather in the winter, but you can be sure that your roof shingles and other key features will become damaged if vulnerabilities are not fixed. Therefore, roof repairs or a new roofing installation could save you time and money in the long run.

Understanding the risks to your home is the first step to successfully overcoming them. The most common issues you’ll find when it comes to roof damage in the winter are detailed below:

Thermal Shock

Sudden changes in temperatures will make roofing materials contract or expand. The effect is known as thermal shock and may lead to cracks, damaged flashing, or tears and holes. This is because all the varying materials that make up your roofing structure contract and expand at different speeds.

Regular maintenance can significantly reduce the risks of cracks, tears, and leaks. Or if completing a new roofing installation, selecting materials that are less prone to expanding or shrinking, such as metal, is ideal.

Melting Snow

While a lack of snow on the roof following a snowstorm can be a warning sign of poor roof insulation, melting snow is the real threat. This is because the melted snow becomes water that can subsequently find its way into little cracks to warp individual roofing elements—hence why lack of snow after a snowstorm is not the best thing to see.

Not only is melting snow a detrimental act on your roof, the excess moisture also has the potential to freeze and expand, damaging pipework and PVC items. When combined with the health risks that moisture-induced mold can cause, prevention is vital.

Ice Damage

Icicles may look beautiful, but ice damage is a significant risk to your family as well as the home roofing system. Icicles can pose a safety hazard as they may fall when you exit the property. Not only are they a hazard to yourself and your family, but they can also worsen your roof by causing obstructions. 

Melted ice can cause stagnant water that subsequently damages roof shingles while ice dams may threaten gutters. We advise cleaning any blockages before heavy rainfall or winds, and checking on your gutter system as the winter months progress.

Falling Trees

Throughout the fall, you’ve been focused on preventing leaves from blocking the gutters. However, trees are often at their weakest during the winter. Strong winds could blow them down, which may pose a serious threat to your roof and windows. 

Individual branches could fall to harm the roof shingles, so trimming back the tree is advised. If you want to avoid a major roof repair, preventative measures are essential.

Gutter Blockages

Snow and leaves aren’t the only foreign objects that could block a gutter. Small animals often use them for shelter while other forms of debris can find their way into the rain prevention system. Gutter cleaning and guard installations can work wonders for your home’s health, especially during the winter months when unpredictable things can happen.

Crucially, gutter guards and proper maintenance will stop water from overflowing onto the roof shingles and freezing. This form of prevention is a commonly overlooked part of residential and commercial roofing repair in Michigan.

Prepare For Winter With Sherriff Goslin

When getting your home ready for winter, roofing solutions should be at the top of your agenda. In some cases, a few minor maintenance tweaks are all that’s needed. In other cases, roof repairs or roofing installations may be required. Regardless, protecting your roof before major snow hits Michigan can be the determining factor between keeping a roof over your family's head and not having one at all.

Sherriff Goslin is the ultimate contractor for your needs in Michigan and the process starts with a full inspection and a free quote. Call us today to arrange yours and keep your roof in tip-top condition this winter.