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Climate Challenges Your Roofing Faces

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Sherriff Goslin’s service area is as wide as the range of roofing services we offer. We serve home and business owners across Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Each of our service areas has unique needs, particularly regarding their climate. Let's explore how property owners can navigate the challenges weather presents to their roofing.

Our Service Areas & Their Climate Challenges

Whether you live in Ann Arbor, MI, or Orlando, FL, we have the solutions to help your roofing weather any storm. Here are some of the areas that Sherriff Goslin serves and the climate challenges they present to your roofing. 


Florida has earned its nickname of “The Sunshine State,” averaging between 230 and 250 days of sunshine per year. While this sun is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, like days at the beach, it can damage roofing by causing shingles to fade over time. Not only are faded shingles unattractive, but they can also affect your roof’s performance, requiring it to be replaced sooner than in less sunny areas.

Along with its sunshine, Florida is known for its susceptibility to hurricanes. With hurricane season lasting from June to November, there are many opportunities for these storms to damage your roof. Strong winds can knock down trees and branches that can fall on your roof. Trimming trees can prevent this. However, if storm damage occurs, consider hiring a professional roofing repair company, like Sherriff Goslin. 


Like much of the Midwest, Indiana, particularly Ft. Wayne, experiences all four seasons, and each season presents its own challenges to roofing. While mid-winter through early spring is the wettest time of year, fall is the driest. If not treated properly, this moisture can lead to mold and algae growth on your roof and other areas of your home. 

Along with keeping your roof and gutters properly cleaned, an annual inspection from a trusted roofing contractor is recommended to prevent this water damage from occurring. They can inspect your roof for any areas that are leaking and repair the issue before it becomes a more serious problem. 


As a Michigan-based roofing contractor, Sherriff Goslin fully understands the challenges the harsh winters our state faces present to your roofing. We’ve served our home state since we were first established in Battle Creek in 1906. Since then, we’ve expanded to serve the communities of:

Regardless of where you are in Michigan, keeping your roof free of the snow and ice that can weigh it down in the winter is essential. This extra weight can lead to your roof sagging, leaking, or collapsing. If you notice any of these kinds of damage, consult a roofing professional to determine your best option for repairing or replacing your roof. 


Bordering the Great Lakes, Ohio’s climate is affected by lake effect snow and other natural phenomena. That’s why home and business owners in Mansfield, OH, rely on Sherriff Goslin to help them after winter storms impact their roofing. However, their needs are not limited to one season or type of natural disaster. 

The effects of the Great Lakes cause Ohioans to face severe summer thunderstorms, which often include hail. Large hailstones can damage roofing, which may result in cracked or dented shingles and leaking. After any storm, homeowners should inspect their roofing for signs of damage and contact an expert for repair. 

Maintenance Tips for All Seasons & Climates

Each season comes with a variety of tasks for homeowners to do in order to keep their homes clean and well-maintained. Caring for your roof is a year-round venture. Below, we break down the tasks homeowners should do each season to maintain their roofing and protect it from the elements. 


Most of our service area experiences mild springs. This type of weather is ideal for roofing projects like repairs and replacements. If your roof is around 25 years old, it may be time to replace it. Spring weather allows for drier, cooler conditions that allow roofing professionals to complete projects quickly and safely. 


As hurricanes and other strong storms typically occur during the summer months, you can use this season to prepare for these threats. Trimming trees and branches can help you avoid the damage that can occur from them being knocked onto your roof by strong winds. 


You know you need to rake the leaves off of your lawn during the fall, but did you know that you need to remove them from your gutters and roof as well? Keeping your roof clear of leaves and other debris can prevent mold and algae growth along with other issues that may arise. 

Fall is also a great time to get an annual inspection of your roof to detect and repair any damage before the winter arrives. A professional roofing company, like Sherriff Goslin, can help you perform this essential step in your roof’s maintenance, along with any necessary repairs. 


If you live in an area where winter storms are a possibility, keeping your roof clear of ice and snow can prevent damage from the excess weight this precipitation can create. Roof rakes and other tools can help you to perform this task safely. 

Protect Your Roof from the Elements

No matter where you live or what weather conditions you face, your roof can protect you from the elements if maintained properly. Serving home and business owners across the states of Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, we are familiar with the unique climate challenges of these areas. For help maintaining your roof and protecting it from the elements, contact Sherriff Goslin to schedule a free estimate. 

Prepare Your Roof for Any Storm with Sherriff Goslin 

Whether you’re facing a winter storm in Michigan or a hurricane in Florida, Sherriff Goslin’s team of roofing contractors can help you weather any storm. We understand the various climates of our service areas and how to handle the challenges they present to your roofing. For expert advice on maintaining your roof in any climate, contact us today for your free estimate.